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How have people in today’s broad Messianic movement approached the letters of the Apostle Paul?

Paul, Opposed or Not Opposed to the Torah (Law) – FAQ:

Messianic Apologetics editor J.K. McKee announces a new, multi-part teachings series for Shabbat School, where we will be reviewing approaches to Paul and his letters witnessed in today’s broad Messianic movement.

Having a Torah foundation requires Bible students to encounter some uncomfortable and controversial matters. Ancient Israel was commanded to annihilate the Canaanites. Man and woman before the Fall were equals.

Messianic people all claim to have a Torah foundation. Yet when confronted with difficult issues such as slavery, the ethics of lying, or the presence of animal sacrifices–gloss over these matters in the Pentateuch. How do we approach issues such as these?

How do modern Believers approach the Torah for the post-resurrection era? Significant Torah issues, with lasting effects on society at large–involve our approach to humans made in the image of God, and the Torah penalties for murder.

Today’s Messianic movement is in broad agreement that Believers need to have a “Torah foundation.” But what does this actually mean? What does this actually involve?

There are different spiritual and theological “camps” in today’s Messianic Jewish movement. And beyond this is a Hebrew Roots movement ten to twenty times its size! How do individual Messianic people and families maneuver their way around some of this, as they seek to humbly serve God and His Kingdom?

The Messianic movement of the 2020s will have no choice, but to confront issues of modernity and post-modernity—if it truly intends to survive and not lose the next generation.

Messianic Apologetics editor J.K. McKee introduces our new Shabbat School program.