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What is your opinion on the Protestant Reformation?

What is your opinion on the Protestant Reformation?


We believe that the Protestant Reformation was absolutely imperative in order for our faith to be where it is today. Prior to the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church held the only copies of the Scriptures, and the Bible was inaccessible to the common person God started moving on men and women to return to the Scriptures, Roman Catholic tradition began being questioned and eliminated from the faith. Many of these people were hunted down and martyred for their beliefs, because they dared to challenge the papal authorities, who not only held great sway over European religion, but also politics.

It is easy for some Messianics to look back on the past and say that if they had been there during the Reformation that they would have seen to it that practices like Sunday church, and replacement holidays like Christmas and Easter, would have been totally eliminated from the Protestant scene. Unfortunately, we cannot go back into the past and change it. We have to be thankful for what occurred in the past, because our faith is in a continual state of reform. The Reformers of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries were used by the Lord to perform a mighty work, and we have the responsibility to our ancestors in the faith to continue what they began, and the responsibility to posterity that we will endeavor to return to the First Century faith of Yeshua and His Disciples. We have to remember that we have much, much more information than the Reformers did about the Jewish background of the Apostolic Scriptures, and they were doing the best they could do with what they had.