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Christianity, Pagan? – FAQ

Do you believe everything in Christianity is pagan?

Do you believe everything in Christianity is pagan?

Christianity, Pagan?

We believe that evangelical Protestantism, as it stands today, has some non-Biblical practices which stem from Roman Catholicism, not established by either Yeshua or His Apostles, that need to be eliminated. But we are not prepared to say that every aspect of Christianity is “pagan,” although certain practices that are not found in Scripture are no doubt of questionable origins (i.e., Christmas trees, Easter eggs, etc.). If everything in Christianity is “pagan,” does that suddenly make all things in Judaism “kosher”? No.

Those who try to make pagan connections with virtually “all” aspects of Christian doctrine and practice are fooling themselves. Satan is the Father of Lies and is going to mimic God on all plains. We must recognize that while there are non-Biblical elements of Christianity, Satan is also a masterful counterfeiter.

We have serious concerns for those who try to equate “everything” that Christianity has stood for as being “pagan” because in the future such individuals may deny that Yeshua is God, or perhaps even deny His Messiahship because these beliefs are from “the Church.” There is a plethora of pagan myths that speak of gods (“mighty ones”) coming down from the sky to help humans, and who is to say that the early Believers in Messiah did not just “copy off the pagans”? We cannot accept this and neither should you. (See the editor’s article “Is the Story of Yeshua Pagan?”) Furthermore, what parallels exist between the Hebrew Tanach and Ancient Near Eastern mythology? Such people need to hold all of the Scriptures to the same standard if they are searching for connections to paganism.

We recognize that there are areas of Christian doctrine that need serious reevaluation in the light of the understandings that the Holy Spirit is leading many of us into as Messianic Believers. But to say that “everything” that Christianity has stood for is “pagan” is inaccurate and absurd, and is certainly not something we advocate.