Messianic Apologetics
10 January, 2020

Sensationalism, Messianic – FAQ

It seems to me as though many Messianic Bible teachers rely on sensationalism. Can you explain why this might be the case?

In all candor, we cannot be responsible for other Messianic Bible teachers. Simply because one might call himself or herself “Messianic,” does not automatically mean that all Messianic Bible teachers are in agreement on various doctrinal issues, or for that same matter have the same kind of attitude or teaching style.

It is very true that there is sensationalism employed by various teachers in the Messianic community today. Such teachers often rely on “one-liners” or incomplete statements that are designed to manipulate a crowd, as opposed to delving into the Scriptures in a fair-minded and scholarly way. Sadly, there are those whose ministries are focused more on what “sounds good,” than on what helps people grow spiritually. These ministries focus too much on the ills of mainstream Christianity and use insulting and degrading techniques to get their points across, rather than being constructive and spiritually edifying with a firm Biblical foundation.

Outreach Israel Ministries and Messianic Apologetics abhor sensationalism and the techniques employed by a few. The message of Torah observance and one being a part of the Commonwealth of Israel is controversial enough, and fuel does not need to be added to an already hot fire. We purposefully choose to distance ourselves from sensationalistic methods, and instead rely on the Scriptures for our answers and let appropriate Biblical scholarship persuade others of our positions. Insulting people or trying to come across as so-called “prophets” or “men of insight” is not something we believe is appropriate for the growth and development of the Messianic community.