Messianic Apologetics
10 January, 2020

Babylon – FAQ

What do you think end-time Babylon is?

There are various views and opinions among prophecy teachers, and likewise among Messianics, concerning what end-time “Babylon” is. These range from believing that end-time Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church, mainstream Christianity or today’s “Church system,” the United States of America, or a rebuilt Babylon in the Middle East. Some believe that “Babylon” is purely a system, whereas others believe that it is “just this” or “just that.”

In Hebrew, the word translated “Babylon” is Bavel. BDB defines Bavel as “confuse, confound.[1] Consequently, it should not be surprising that the world was first confused at Babel (Genesis 11). At Ancient Babel, God confused the languages and humanity was forced to scatter across the face of the planet. It should also be noted that Ancient Babylon (and the surrounding region of Sumer) is the same location that some of the pagan sun worship and rituals originated that impacted the Ancient Israelites, the same being responsible for many of today’s errant influences in Roman Catholicism. It can easily be said that the paganism originating in Ancient Babylon has been permeated throughout the globe.

We tend to be more “open minded” about any specific identification of end-time Babylon, because the very nature of the Babylonian phenomenon is something that is opposed to the Creator God. Understanding that Bavel means “confuse” implies that this is something that is purposely going to be confusing. Therefore, we see legitimacy in identifying end-time Babylon as composing religious, political, and societal elements which all make up the world system that is opposed to the Lord.


[1] BDB, 93.