Theological Resources

As an educational ministry, many of you have asked us questions about what theological tools and resources you should have in your library.

The following is an extensive listing of Bibles, Hebrew and Greek lexicons, scholastic reference sources, commentaries, books, and other tools that are useful to include within your (comprehensive) congregational or personal library, which we ourselves use as reference material. Theological resources are listed by their appropriate category. If you are in the process of building a theological library for your Messianic congregation or fellowship, these are the types of resources which should be included.

Obviously, a listing in this database does not imply an endorsement by our ministry, of all of the views proposed in each publication. Where necessary, some publications representing a decisively liberal perspective have been noted.

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Bible Versions and Study Bibles

Bible Encyclopedias and Reference Works

Biblical History, Contemporary Literature, and Other Religions

Hebrew Language and Tanach (OT) Resources

Greek Language and New Testament Resources

Christian and Messianic Resources on the Nature of the Messiah

Messianic Jewish Books

Messianic Commentaries and Studies

Jewish Books

Christian Books


One-Volume Commentaries

Complete Sets

Torah – Pentateuch

Historical Books


Wisdom Literature

Gospels & Acts

Pauline Epistles

Later New Testament & Revelation