Genesis 5, 11 Telescoped Genealogies – 18 July, 2018

Is the purpose of the Genesis 5 and 11 genealogies really to give us an idea about the age of humanity? What have scholars been saying about this, which today’s Messianic people need to now be finally considering?

FAQ – Genesis 5, 11 Genealogies: http://messianicapologetics.net/archives/10799

Composition of the Book of Genesis – 18 July, 2018

Some challenges exist in our present Messianic approach to Genesis. Some Messianics have an “overly mythical” view of Genesis that largely comes from consulting ultra-Orthodox Jewish sources, at the expense of understanding Genesis in the context of the Ancient Near East. Honest inquiries about human origins and the greater universe are often dismissed.

Is Polygamy Supported in the Tanach (OT)? – 17 July, 2018

A review of some of the passages that would seem to suggest that polygamy is an acceptable practice is certainly in order, especially as we confront this danger.

Romans 7:1-25: responding to “We were made to die to the Law through the body of Christ.” – Part 1 – 17 July, 2018 ​

Today, 17 July, 2018, we are reviewing Part 1 of Romans 7:1-25, “responding to: ‘We were made to die to the Law through the body of Christ.” Is it true that born again Believers are to regard themselves as dead to the instruction of the Torah of Moses, and that it bears no relevance at all for those of us in the post-resurrection era? Our study is excerpted from our ministry’s massive publication, The New Testament Validates Torah MAXIMUM EDITION.

Reading the Bible in an Observant Manner – 16 July, 2018

It is to be commended that a significant majority of the people in today’s Messianic movement, genuinely want to study the Bible at a deeper level. But, in order to study the Bible at a deeper level, a variety of guidelines do have to be followed.

Gideon Interacts With the Angel of the Lord – Judges 6:11-23 – 16 July, 2018

Today, 16 July, 2018, we are reviewing Judges 6:11-23, “Gideon Interacts With the Angel of the Lord.” What might this passage inform us about the nature of Yeshua and His Divinity? Our study is excerpted from our ministry’s book, Salvation on the Line, Volume I.

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The Numbers of Ancient Israel – 25 June, 2018

How many people were actually in the Exodus? Were there really 2-3 million Israelites at the base of Mount Sinai, or a lesser amount? Are there 2-3 billion descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as is purported by many advocates of a Two-House theology?

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