Monday: the Nature of Yeshua

Tuesday: The New Testament Validates Torah MAXIMUM EDITION

Wednesday: Challenging Questions or other YouTube Live Stream, a blog or new FAQ entry

Thursday: Kosher

Friday: Sabbath or Biblical Holidays

The Fourth Commandment – 15 February, 2018

Exodus 20:8-11

Clean and Unclean Animals on Noah’s Ark – 15 February, 2018

Genesis 7:1-2

Responding to “Jesus fulfilled every jot and tittle of the Law.” – 15 February, 2018

Matthew 5:17

The Angel of the Lord Speaks to Jacob – 15 February, 2018

Genesis 31:10-13

Introducing Messianic Apologetics Live Stream – 13 February, 2018

This will be a test of the Messianic Apologetics Live Stream, where J.K. McKee will discuss a few of the things that he hopes to achieve with this new venue of outreach.

Gathering Manna Before the Sabbath – 12 February, 2018

Exodus 16:22-30

Eating From the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – 12 February, 2018

Genesis 2:16-17

Responding to “God has put an end to the Old Testament Sabbath and feast days.” – 08 February, 2018

Hosea 2:11

The Angel of the Lord Will Watch Abraham’s Servant – 08 February, 2018

Genesis 24:7, 40

God Rested on the Seventh Day – 07 February, 2018

Genesis 2:1-3

Every Plant Yielding Seed for Food – 07 February, 2018

Genesis 1:29-30

Responding to: “God actually gave His people bad laws that they could not follow” – 25 January, 2018

Ezekiel 20:12-26

Abraham Offers Up Isaac to be Sacrificed – 25 January, 2018

Genesis 22:6-18

Today’s Messianic People and Shabbat: Moving Beyond “Saturday Church” – 24 January, 2018

The Sabbath is something to be welcomed and embraced! Let us not take it for granted, but instead use it as a means to experience, even if for a brief moment, the glorious future that awaits the people of God!

Is Eating Kosher Really Healthier? – 23 January, 2018

There have been many discussions throughout religious history, as to whether or not there is any health dimension present regarding kashrut.

Bible Issues, Most Difficult Biblical Books, Biblical Languages, English Bibles – 22 January, 2018

1. What is the biggest series of issues you foresee Messianics having with the Tanach? 2. What is the biggest series of issues you foresee Messianics having with the Apostolic Writings? 3. What do you think are the most difficult books of the Bible for Messianics to read and interpret? 4. How should I go about studying the Biblical languages? 5. What is the best English Bible version or versions I should be using?

Responding to: “God hates the Jewish feasts of the Old Testament” – 19 January, 2018

Isaiah 1:13-14

Hagar Encounters the Angel of the Lord – 18 January, 2018

Genesis 21:17-21

Introducing the Biblical Appointments – 17 January, 2018

“The LORD spoke again to Moses, saying, ‘Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, “the LORD’s appointed times which you shall proclaim as holy convocations—My appointed times are these”’” (Leviticus 23:1-2).

Being Realistic About Kosher – 08 December, 2016

When the issue kashrut being valid for God’s people in the post-resurrection era is brought up by contemporary Messianics, it does not tend to be addressed that well.

What is Salvation? – 16 January, 2018

Of all the doctrines and teachings of our faith, one remains the most critical: the doctrine of salvation. If a person does not get this right, then he or she has no chance of being in God’s Kingdom.

Torah Observance, One Law, Two-House, Hebrew Roots, Complicated Issues – 15 January, 2018

What is the big controversy involving “Torah observance” in the broad Messianic movement? What went wrong with One Law? What went wrong with Two-House? What went wrong with Hebrew Roots? How do you as a Messianic teacher sort through all of these complicated issues?

Answering: The Verses Given Against Torah Validity – 12 January, 2018

The Torah is not something that is inspired by mere mortals; its Author is God Himself. It is not to be dispensed with on a whim. We are to listen to its instruction.

Abraham Encounters the Lord – 11 January, 2018

Genesis 18:1-33

Being Realistic About Shabbat – 10 January, 2018

The weekly Sabbath or Shabbat presents a great opportunity to those who make the effort to welcome it, abstain from their labors, and enter into the rest of God.

Biblically Kosher? Rabbinic Kosher? – 09 January, 2018

Just like the different branches and denominations of Judaism, there will not be any one, decisive view of the Torah’s dietary laws emerge within the Messianic movement.

Greatest Strength, One Lesson, God’s Name, Calendar, Messianic Future – 08 January, 2018

What do you believe is the greatest strength of the Messianic movement? What is the one lesson you think Messianic people need to learn from? Can you explain to me the issue regarding the proper name of God, present in some sectors of the Messianic community? What is the issue with the “Biblical calendar”? What do you foresee on the horizon regarding the future of the Messianic movement?

Answering: The Law as a Unit – 05 January, 2018

As limited human beings, all of us are going to make mistakes at some time or another in our quest to be obedient to God’s Torah.

Hagar Encounters the Angel of the Lord – 04 January, 2018

Genesis 16:7-13

Our Weekly Shabbat – 04 January, 2018

As the Lord drew our family into the Messianic movement, and we transitioned away from Sunday Church to a Saturday Shabbat, we had many important changes to go through.

Greatest Theological Challenge, Trinity, One Fix , Bible Research, Theological Shift – 02 January, 2018

What do you think is the greatest theological challenge facing the Messianic movement? What is your opinion of the traditional Christian doctrine of the Trinity? If there were one thing you would fix in the Messianic movement, what would it be? How should any of us approach Bible research? What is the biggest theological shift you have made in the past five years?

Answering: No One Should Keep the Law – 01 January, 2018

It is quite flawed, as well as morally dangerous, to suggest that since people are likely unable to follow all of the commandments, and that they will err sometimes–that trying to obey God’s Law is a less-than-worthwhile endeavor.