Challenging Questions

Starting this new year, Messianic Apologetics editor J.K. McKee will be posting weekly video podcasts (also available will be an audio podcast), directly addressing your reader-submitted questions. These should be questions broadly relating to Messianic theological and spiritual issues.

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15 January, 2018

Torah Observance, One Law, Two-House, Hebrew Roots, Complicated Issues

What is the big controversy involving “Torah observance” in the broad Messianic movement? What went wrong with One Law? What went wrong with Two-House? What went wrong with Hebrew Roots? How do you as a Messianic teacher sort through all of these complicated issues?

08 January, 2018

Greatest Strength, One Lesson, God’s Name, Calendar, Messianic Future

What do you believe is the greatest strength of the Messianic movement? What is the one lesson you think Messianic people need to learn from? Can you explain to me the issue regarding the proper name of God, present in some sectors of the Messianic community? What is the issue with the “Biblical calendar”? What do you foresee on the horizon regarding the future of the Messianic movement?

02 January, 2018

Greatest Theological Challenge, Trinity, One Fix , Bible Research, Theological Shift

What do you think is the greatest theological challenge facing the Messianic movement? What is your opinion of the traditional Christian doctrine of the Trinity? If there were one thing you would fix in the Messianic movement, what would it be? How should any of us approach Bible research? What is the biggest theological shift you have made in the past five years?