A Summarization of Jewish Shabbat Traditions

29 November, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST POSTED 22 OCTOBER, 2017 reproduced from the Messianic Sabbath Helper That the Jewish people have widely and faithfully observed the seventh-day Sabbath or Shabbat[1] throughout their history is a testament to God’s declaration in Exodus 31:16: ‘The Israelite people […]

Saving a Soul From Death

28 November, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

At the close of his letter, James (Jacob), the half-brother of Yeshua, communicates, “let him know that the one who turns a sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death and cover a multitude of […]

A Summarization of Jewish Kosher Traditions

28 November, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST POSTED 19 OCTOBER, 2017 reproduced from the Messianic Kosher Helper To most outsiders who encounter the Messianic Jewish movement, when hearing something about kosher or kashrut, what they mostly think about are instructions within the Torah or Law of […]

TorahScope: V’yishlach

25 November, 2017 messianicapologetics 0

V’yishlach He sent Genesis 32:3-36:43 Hosea 11:7-12:12 (A) Obadiah 1:1-21 (S) “A Wrestling Faith” by Mark Huey This week, our Torah portion Vayishlach continues the saga of Jacob’s life, as he learned to depend upon and have faith in the […]

Thanksgiving Day

22 November, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST UPDATED 23 NOVEMBER, 2006 Do you believe that Messianic Believers in the United States should celebrate Thanksgiving Day? The tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving Day goes back to the Pilgrims who settled the Plymouth Colony in 1621. Originally, these […]

TorahScope: V’yeitzei

20 November, 2017 messianicapologetics 0

V’yeitzei He went out Genesis 28:10-32:2 Hosea 12:12-14:10 (A); 11:7-12:12 (S) “Jacob’s Maturing Faith” by Mark Huey Torah students should realize that after the first 11 chapters of Genesis record a wide swath of human history, from the Creation to […]

TorahScope: Toldot

12 November, 2017 messianicapologetics 0

Toldot History Genesis 25:19-28:9 Malachi 1:1-2:7 “Generational Faith” by Mark Huey By the time Torah students arrive at the sixth parashah of Genesis, Toldot, it should be obvious the Holy One is determined to communicate the efficacy and blessing of […]

Torah As Constitution

10 November, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST REVISED EDITION POSTED 07 AUGUST, 2005 reproduced from the Messianic Torah Helper In our generation, we have witnessed a profound growth and expansion of the Messianic movement. Not only have many Jewish people come to a saving knowledge of […]

The Significance of the Messiah Event

9 November, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST ORIGINALLY POSTED 01 JULY, 2013 “[B]ut now once at the consummation of the ages He has been manifested to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself” (Hebrews 9:26). reproduced from the Messianic Torah Helper If you were to […]

The Third Commandment and the Divine Name

7 November, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST POSTED 20 FEBRUARY, 2011 What is the significance and meaning of the Divine Name of God in light of the Third Commandment? When Christians today think about “the name of God,” a wide variety of possible meanings are often […]

TorahScope: Chayei Sarah

6 November, 2017 messianicapologetics 0

Chayei Sarah Sarah’s Life Genesis 23:1-25:18 1 Kings 1:1-31 “Abraham’s Distinctive Faith” by Mark Huey The recorded testimonies of the life of Abraham and Sarah come to a close in this week’s parashah, Chayei Sarah. Our reading begins with a […]