Book of Zephaniah

5 May, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

POSTED 11 NOVEMBER, 2016 reproduced from A Survey of the Tanach for the Practical Messianic Approximate date: 640-622 B.C.E. (Right, conservative-moderate, some Left); 400s-200s B.C.E. (some Left) Time Period: required change for the people of Judah Author(s): Zephaniah (Right, some conservative-moderate); Zephaniah and/or anonymous other(s) (some conservative moderate, some Left); Zephaniah and anonymous redactors (some Left) Location of prophet/author(s): somewhere in Judah (Right, conservative-moderate, Left) Target audience and their location: Southern Kingdom Israelites and Jerusalemites Theological Summary: The Prophet Zephaniah was likely a person of considerable social status in Judah, as indicated by his ancestry (1:1), which designates him a […]

Bible Messages

The Message of Zephaniah

21 March, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

What do you think when you contemplate the Book of Zephaniah? In all probability, as a Messianic Believer, your experience in encountering the words of the Prophet Zephaniah are more pronounced than they are with some of the other “obscure” texts of the Twelve Prophets (the Minor Prophets), but are not as pronounced as they would be with some of the more “well known” texts of the Twelve Prophets. You are likely to have encountered a verse, or a passage or two, embedded within your speech or within some common sentiment(s) expressed within the Messianic community. However, your engagement level […]