A Low Hamartology

13 October, 2018 J.K. McKee 1

PDF PODCAST POSTED 13 SEPTEMBER, 2009 reproduced from the Messianic Torah Helper What is the problem with holding to a low theology of sin (hamartology), and how do we see this problem fixed? I had a very interesting dream the other […]

Under the Law – 14 May, 2018

14 May, 2018 messianicapologetics 0

What Does “Under the Law” Really Mean?: http://messianicapologetics.net/archives/9628 What Does “Under the Law” Really Mean?-A Further Study: http://messianicapologetics.net/archives/15967 CONTACT US

Answering: The Law as a Unit

5 January, 2018 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST POSTED 05 JANUARY, 2018 reproduced from The New Testament Validates Torah MAXIMUM EDITION Pastor: Most people believe that the Law is “Laws” rather than “Law.” If we keep the entire Law and break only one, we are guilty […]