1&2 Peter

The Message of 1&2 Peter and Jude

9 April, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

POSTED 22 MARCH, 2017 Within the scope of the Apostolic Scriptures, the Gospels tend to be the easiest texts for today’s Messianic Believers to understand, with the Pauline Epistles being among the most difficult texts to understand. Somewhere in the middle of this are the Epistles of 1&2 Peter and Jude. Generally speaking we find these three letters to not be that difficult, but they might ask us some rather unique and poignant questions. Our encounter with 1&2 Peter and Jude is often limited to an important quotation here or there, specifically intended to encourage holy living or a repentant […]


Epistle of Jude

9 April, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

POSTED 27 NOVEMBER, 2016 reproduced from A Survey of the Apostolic Scriptures for the Practical Messianic Approximate date: 50s or 60s C.E.; or 80s C.E. Time period: intense season of instability and uncertainness Author: Jude, the brother of James and half-brother of Yeshua Location of author: Judea (early composition); Diaspora (later composition) Target audience and their location: Jewish and non-Jewish Believers in the Mediterranean basin Theological Summary: The Epistle of Jude, due to the uniqueness of its approach and message, can be one of the most controversial texts in the Apostolic Scriptures. The author identifies himself as “a bond-servant of […]