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The Message of Habakkuk

15 May, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

POSTED 21 MARCH, 2017 The Book of Habakkuk is a text that is not read by today’s Messianic community, yet it has profound and important lessons to teach of us as the people of God. Struggling with the problems of corruption and wickedness in the world, and why unrighteous people seemingly get away with these things, is not something at all unique to the Twenty-First Century. The Prophet Habakkuk not only spoke against these grave sins, but even wrestled with God in dialogue as to why He somehow appears to allow them. Understanding Habakkuk is important for any Believer to […]


Book of Habakkuk

9 April, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

POSTED 08 NOVEMBER, 2016 reproduced from A Survey of the Tanach for the Practical Messianic Approximate date: 640-612 B.C.E. (Right, conservative-moderate, some Left); 400s-200s B.C.E. (some Left) Time period: immediately before the judgment on the Southern Kingdom via Babylon Author(s): Habakkuk exclusively (Right, some conservative-moderate); Habakkuk and/or anonymous other(s) (some conservative moderate, some Left); Habakkuk and anonymous redactors (some Left) Location of prophet/author(s): somewhere in Judah (Right, conservative-moderate, Left) Target audience and their location: Southern Kingdom Israelites Theological Summary: Not much is known about the Prophet Habakkuk himself, other than that he was probably a contemporary of Jeremiah. The meaning […]