Torah As Constitution

10 November, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST REVISED EDITION POSTED 07 AUGUST, 2005 reproduced from the Messianic Torah Helper In our generation, we have witnessed a profound growth and expansion of the Messianic movement. Not only have many Jewish people come to a saving knowledge of […]

The Hebrew New Testament Misunderstanding

30 October, 2017 J.K. McKee 1

PDF PODCAST – PART 1 PODCAST – PART 2 PODCAST – PART 3 ORIGINALLY POSTED 07 FEBRUARY, 2008 reproduced from Confronting Critical Issues In our post-modern society, the veracity and authority of the Holy Scriptures have come under […]

Is the Hebrew Matthew an Authentic Document?

18 October, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST POSTED 10 MAY, 2013 reproduced from the Messianic Torah Helper Among all of the texts of the Apostolic Scriptures or New Testament, today’s broad Messianic movement has some significant struggles when it comes to the composition of the Gospel […]

Getting Beyond Strong’s Concordance

18 October, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST ORIGINALLY POSTED 01 NOVEMBER, 2004 reproduced from Confronting Critical Issues I have been the editor of TNN Online since 1997 (now Messianic Apologetics). Certainly, in this period of time, my understanding of the Bible has changed, and my ability […]

Septuagint (LXX)

22 September, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

PDF PODCAST UPDATED 06 JUNE, 2007 Why do you consult the Septuagint frequently? The Septuagint (LXX) is the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, dating at least two centuries before the First Coming of Yeshua. It was originally compiled […]