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UPDATED 23 FEBRUARY, 2010 Do you believe that males should be circumcised? We are aware that the issue of circumcision is extremely controversial in the Messianic world. Most of Christianity has decided to largely ignore circumcision as an “Old Testament rite” entirely unimportant for Believers today. Circumcision is the memorial sign of the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 17:11). The Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all circumcised. Yeshua the Messiah was circumcised (Luke 2:21). The Apostle Paul was circumcised (Philippians 3:5). If we intend to appreciate the spiritual example and lives of these figures, then men should not at all look […]

Church History

Church Fathers

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POSTED 10 JULY, 2006 What is your opinion of the writings of the “Church Fathers”? The writings of early Christianity from the late First to Fourth Centuries C.E., commonly termed the writings of the “Church Fathers,” is a body of religious literature not unlike the Jewish writings of the same period. These writings demonstrate the various theological opinions and controversies that existed in early Christianity, the persecution that the Believers experienced at the hands of the Roman Empire, and the overall challenges that they faced. There are some in the Messianic community who readily criticize the writings of the “Church […]

Church History

Church, Word of Pagan Origin

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POSTED 06 JULY, 2006 I have heard that the English word “church” is of pagan origins. Is there any substantiation to support this? There is debate over the origins of the English word church, but before we can address this, we need to have a proper understanding of the Greek word ekklēsia, which in our Bibles is commonly rendered as “church.” Is “church” an appropriate translation of this word? LS defines ekklēsia as “an assembly of the citizens regularly summoned, the legislative assembly” and “in N.T. the Church, either the body, or the place.”[1] In the Apostolic Scriptures, ekklēsia is […]


Church, missing after Revelation 4:1

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POSTED 12 DECEMBER, 2006 As post-tribulationists, how do you respond to the fact that the word “church” does not appear after Revelation 4:1? This means that the Church is missing and has been raptured to Heaven. In the opening chapters of Revelation (chs. 1-3), the Apostle John is given specific instruction by Yeshua the Messiah that he is to deliver to the seven assemblies of Asia Minor (Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea). After John relays Yeshua’s messages to these congregations, John is told by the Lord, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place […]


Christmas Dinner

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POSTED 09 DECEMBER, 2009 Should I attend Christmas dinner with my extended family? Many of today’s Messianic Believers, who once celebrated Christmas, still have to interact with their Christian family during the Winter holiday season. The Spring holiday season is admittedly much easier, because Easter does not have the same kind of commercialism associated with it as Christmas, and many churches today hold some kind of Passover seder meal. It is much easier to tell Christian family, who are familiar with the Passover seder to some degree, that you remember Yeshua’s resurrection in conjunction with your Messianic congregation’s Passover remembrance. […]



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UPDATED 09 DECEMBER, 2009 Do you celebrate it? Christmas is, without question, a very sensitive subject for many Believers—and we would emphasize understanding between those who do not celebrate it, and those who celebrate it in ignorance. We cannot find in Scripture where God mandates that we observe a holiday with decorated trees, mistletoe, holly, Santa Claus, and presents. On the contrary, the Prophet Jeremiah tells us that we are to not be as the heathen who adorn trees: “Thus says the Lord, ‘Do not learn the way of the nations, and do not be terrified by the signs of […]

Church History

Christianity, Pagan?

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UPDATED 28 JULY, 2006 Do you believe everything in Christianity is pagan? We believe that evangelical Christianity, as it stands today, has some non-Biblical practices which stem from Roman Catholicism that need to be eliminated. But we are not prepared to say that every aspect of Christianity is “pagan,” although certain practices that are not found in Scripture are no doubt of questionable origins (i.e., Christmas trees, Easter eggs, etc.). If everything in Christianity is “pagan,” does that suddenly make all things in Judaism “kosher”? No. Those who try to make pagan connections with virtually “all” aspects of Christian doctrine […]



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POSTED 27 OCTOBER, 2015 I am very concerned about the wide number of Messianic men and women I see in their twenties and thirties (and even forties) who are unmarried. What are they going to do if they are unable to find a spouse? On the whole, today’s Messianic people—with various roots in both Judaism and evangelical Protestant Christianity—do not know what to do with the wide number of young men and women in their twenties, thirties, and forties who are unmarried often for legitimate reasons beyond their control. Many, for whatever reason, will either subconsciously or even consciously, conflate […]


Calvinist-Arminian Controversy

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UPDATED 19 AUGUST, 2012 Does your ministry have a position on Calvinism or Arminianism? Hebrews 6:4-6, perhaps more than any other set of verses in this epistle, may be said to have had the most overall impact on theological discussions and debates outside this text. What does it mean concerning “those who have once been enlightened” who “have tasted the good word of God”? As many of you are probably aware, this is a strongly debated Scripture passage among Calvinists and Arminians in Protestant Christian theology pertaining to concepts such as predestination, the free will of human beings, and God’s […]

Ancient Israel

Two-House Teaching

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COMPOSED 01 SEPTEMBER, 2012 Where does your ministry currently stand in regard to the Two-House teaching? Outreach Israel and Messianic Apologetics should not at all be considered a “Two-House” ministry, given the wide and diverse array of Biblical and theological topics we address, germane to the broad Messianic community. Our ministry serves people in Messianic Judaism, as well as in the One Law/One Torah sub-movement and in the Two-House sub-movement—as we consider and analyze a wide series of issues and subjects which are thought to be of importance to people in all of those different sub-communities. If our ministry choice […]


Birth Control

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POSTED 27 FEBRUARY, 2006 Do you believe it is wrong for Messianic Believers to practice birth control? Among some sectors of Messianic Believers are those who believe that it is Biblical for a husband and wife to have large families, beyond the average family size of 3-4 children. Scriptural support that is frequently given for this may include God’s command to Adam and Eve to “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it” (Genesis 1:28). While the Scriptures do encourage human beings to be fruitful, and for married couples to procreate, do they encourage procreation beyond one’s […]


Biblical Faith, a Judaism

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POSTED 25 OCTOBER, 2011 I am a non-Jewish person involved in the Messianic movement. I get a little nervous when I see some Messianic Jews talk about how Biblical faith is Judaism. Do you think that Biblical faith is Judaism? From a strict textual perspective examining the Holy Scriptures, the concept of faith (Heb. emunah; Grk. pistis) has no real label—be that label Judaism, Christianity, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, charismatic, etc. At best, any labels that people have associated with their belief in God, the Holy Scriptures, and certain values and traditions they hold dear, are so that […]


Apocrypha, Versions of

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POSTED 01 JANUARY, 2006 I know that the Apocrypha is not considered canonical Scripture by Jews or Protestants, but I am interested in finding a suitable modern English translation to use for reference. Which one(s) can you recommend? There are five main versions of the Apocrypha included with some major Bible versions that our ministry employs in our research. These include the following in the order of their publication, along with a brief description of the Bible they are included with. This same order happens to be the order in which we generally use them for study: Revised Standard Version […]



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UPDATED 14 AUGUST, 2006 What is your position concerning the Apocrypha? Protestants do not consider the books of the Apocrypha to be canonical because Jews do not consider them to be canonical. Jews do not consider these books to be canonical because the principal copies we have of them are written in Greek, and not Hebrew, and were an adjunct part of the Septuagint. The Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Anglican traditions, however, do consider these books to be canonical. The principal books of the Apocrypha include: 3 Esdras 4 Esdras Tobit Judith The Additions to Esther Wisdom Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) […]

Eternal Punishment

Annihilationism (eternal punishment)

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UPDATED 23 FEBRUARY, 2010 Do you believe that the condemned suffer eternal torment in the Lake of Fire or are destroyed? We believe that the condemned who do not receive Yeshua the Messiah as their Personal Savior will spend a conscious eternity separated from God. This period will be never-ending and is described all throughout Scripture by a number of descriptions such as separation, outer darkness, torment, banishment, etc. It is possible that Biblical language describing fire and smoke in the Lake of Fire may be figurative, or would only be part of the scenery of the dimension that those […]

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