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Biblical Equality and Today’s Messianic Movement

18 May, 2017 messianicapologetics 0

Galatians 3:28 is one of the most important verses not only in the Apostolic Scriptures, but in the entire Bible. This one verse written by the Apostle Paul speaks of a new status for human beings that has been inaugurated via the sacrificial work of Yeshua, as God’s people are to be united in Him, actively accomplishing His tasks in the Earth. At times, we do find Galatians 3:28 quoted among those in our Messianic faith community, but its ramifications are not often fully considered or probed for their significant spiritual power. Current and severe developments in the Messianic movement […]

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Jumpin’ Junia(s)!

12 May, 2017 J.K. McKee 0

POSTED 08 DECEMBER, 2008 reproduced from the McHuey Blog It is doubtful that many of you have read Romans 16 recently. The content of Romans 16 is fresh in my mind as I had to deliver a class presentation on this text Thursday morning. Most people who just read Paul’s letter to the Romans do not consider that ch. 16 to be significant, when it is very significant. This is not just an idle part of Paul’s letter where he greets random people. Romans 16 tells us important things about the social makeup of the assemblies (yes, assemblies in the […]


Women in Ministry

27 November, 2016 J.K. McKee 0

UPDATED 28 OCTOBER, 2012 What is your position on women in ministry? Should Messianic women be allowed to be teachers, pastors/rabbis, or occupy positions of leadership? The issue of women in ministry is something, which as of today, there is likely no Messianic consensus upon. There will be leaders, teachers, congregations, and organizations which (strongly) oppose women in positions of rabbinic/pastoral leadership, and there will be leaders, teachers, congregations, and organizations which support women in positions of rabbinic/pastoral leadership. Not surprisingly, the position that the editor holds, regarding various passages which inform Bible readers about this issue, is largely his […]


Male Headship

26 November, 2016 J.K. McKee 0

POSTED 14 JUNE, 2011 How can your ministry be egalitarian, meaning that both men and women share leadership roles equally, when Scripture says that the man is to be the head of the woman (Ephesians 5:23)? This entry has been adapted from the commentary Ephesians for the Practical Messianic. Being filled with God’s Spirit (Ephesians 5:18) will result in a manner of life for Paul’s audience different from their previous pagan experience. Many are agreed that the instructions which complete Ephesians ch. 5, vs. 21-33, are an expansion upon a prior message given in Colossians chs. 3 & 4. Other […]


Egalitarianism, Leads to Acceptance of Homosexuality

31 October, 2016 J.K. McKee 0

POSTED 13 NOVEMBER, 2015 Does acceptance of an egalitarian ideology for men and women as co-leaders, inevitably lead to an acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage? While many complementarians would voice considerable disapproval of egalitarians, who believe that in principle females can be ordained leaders and teachers in the Body of Messiah alongside of men, and that husbands and wives should be co-leaders of the family—many would recognize that a leveling of the field for both men and women does not at all open the door to, or for that matter require, an acceptance of homosexual practice and gay marriage. […]

Ancient Israel

Is Polygamy for Today?

6 October, 2016 messianicapologetics 0

No one who reads the Bible denies that polygamy—the practice of a man having more than one wife—is seen within the text. The Patriarch Jacob, who was the progenitor of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, had two wives and two concubines (Genesis 31:17; 37:2). King David, who was testified by the Lord to be “a man after His own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14), had multiple wives (1 Samuel 18:17-30; 25:38-43; 2 Samuel 3:2-5). King Solomon, whom many consider to be the wisest man who ever lived, had hundreds of wives and concubines (1 Kings 3:1; 11:3) that made up an […]

Ancient Israel

Is Polygamy for Today?

5 September, 2016 J.K. McKee 0

originally posted 30 October, 2008 reproduced from Is Polygamy for Today? In recent days a number of issues have hit various sectors of the Messianic community. Each one of these issues has had a variety of distinctly negative effects as people have denied Yeshua’s Divinity, questioned His Messiahship, and have questioned whether certain books of the Apostolic Scriptures are trustworthy. Our ministry has stood firmly against the false teachings that have entered into our midst, standing up for Yeshua’s Divinity and Messiahship, and engaging with the text of various Biblical books under fire to provide reasonable answers. We have done […]