Dreams and Visions




What is your position on dreams and visions?

Joel 2:28 clearly tells us that in the Last Days the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon “all flesh/mankind,” but yet we also know that there will be intense deception and apostasy. Many have claimed to see visions, dreams, give prophecies, etc. of the Last Days outside that of the Biblical canon. Unfortunately for such individuals, most extra-Biblical prophecies of the end-times statistically do not come to pass, and many espoused “dreams or visions from God” are not Scripturally sound.

While we do believe that God will pour out His Spirit on His people, we question many of those who claim to have prophetic dreams or visions. When someone’s dream or vision does not come to pass as a person predicts, that person may claim to have had another vision in which the Lord “showed them” that predicted events would occur on another date on which nothing happens.

Many get into the pattern of believing that every dream that they have at night is prophetic, which we should highly question. We have serious reservations when dealing with those who claim to have dreams or visions, as many regard their prophecies to be at the level of, or even above the Bible, which is highly dangerous.

We as Believers have enough Bible prophecy to concern ourselves with in Scripture itself; we do not need additional “revelation.” Most dreams are simply mental digestion of what people are thinking and have nothing to do with prophecy.