Fifty Evidences for What?






The reasons we have just provided in the previous chapter are only the common reasons given why pre-tribulationism is supposedly a valid belief. There are, of course, many more reasons that pre-tribulationists will supply. In this chapter, we respond to fifty specific supports given by the late John F. Walvoord (1910-2002) in his book The Rapture Question.[1] While we certainly recognize that we could address many more reasons, Walvoord’s position as former chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary, and his vast influence over many other pre-tribulationists, speaks for itself.

We have chosen Walvoord’s reasons, as opposed to those of other pre-tribulationists, because of his long-established position as the “dean” of pre-tribulationists. We will assume that because of Walvoord’s long-held position in the higher echelons of pre-tribulationism, that his supports for the pre-tribulation rapture represent many, if not most, of those who believe it. These responses by no means should be interpreted as a personal or posthumous attack on Walvoord, but rather a fair post-tribulational criticism of teachings which have influenced millions. There are other, far more serious theological issues that I do share positions in common agreement with Walvoord, and with dispensationalists in general.

(We should make mention of the fact that some of his reasons are used in refutation of mid-tribulationism and partial-rapturism, beliefs we do not hold to. We have nevertheless responded to them to show that while we are in disagreement with Walvoord’s pre-tribulational stance, we are not in total disagreement with him on other matters.)

Some of our answers to these reasons are going to be very short and others will be more detailed. If they are short, we will be sure to refer you to other writings or articles by our ministry which address the issues more thoroughly. For that same matter, some reasons provided we have already addressed in this analysis and this will be mentioned.

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reproduced from The Dangers of Pre-Tribulationism

The pre-tribulation rapture is an extremely popular doctrine, which advocates that Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) can unexpectedly come at any moment for the saints, gathering them into Heaven before the Tribulation period or Seventieth Week of Israel. Pre-tribulationism has sold many books, spawned numerous fiction series and movies, and has created a large financial market for prophecy materials. But in spite of its popularity in much of today’s evangelical Christianity, few question it. When presented with alternative points of view such as post-tribulationism, adherents of the popular pre-tribulational position can sometimes take strong offense, and they can be found to outright ignore Biblical passages that appear to contradict their position.

This report is an expanded edition of one of our most controversial articles. It answers the top reasons why people believe in the pre-tribulation rapture from a Messianic post-tribulational perspective. It considers whether or not various pre-tribulationists have employed tactics of fear and faithlessness, and whether or not their ideology of escapism can be supported by a fair reading of the Holy Scriptures. Are God’s people able to be protected by Him–or not–during the end-times? Specifically considered and responded to are fifty reasons given in support of the pre-tribulation rapture by former Dallas Theological Seminary chancellor John F. Walvoord. Above all, a fairness that is not always given to post-tribulationists is demonstrated to pre-tribulationists.

180 pages