The Assurance of Our Salvation

People investigate the Messianic movement and their Hebraic Roots for an entire host of reasons. People who enter into the Messianic movement do so because they are seeking God’s truth, and they are seeking to be in greater compliance with His Word. They enter into the Messianic movement because they have discovered that they are not entirely satisfied with what mainstream Christianity today has taught them, and they instinctively know that there is more to their faith and in living like Yeshua (Jesus). Most importantly, they know that Christian theology has been incomplete in many areas, and they are lacking spiritual fulfillment.

Those of us who have been in this situation and have been in the Messianic movement for some time have certainly experienced more spiritual fulfillment as Messianics, then we did while we were average Church-goers. While it may have been a process for us—and that process was longer for some and shorter for others—we nevertheless sought God’s truth, and sought greater compliance with Scripture. We changed our lifestyles and overcame the hurdles of keeping the seventh-day Sabbath or Shabbat, the Biblical holidays of Leviticus 23, and eating kosher, among other things. We study the Torah portions now on a consistent basis and examine the Bible unlike never before. We have reevaluated things we were taught in the past like the pre-tribulation rapture, and found that they were not supported by Scripture.

Sadly, one issue that is often not reevaluated from a Messianic viewpoint is that of salvation. Oftentimes in the Messianic movement the understanding of “asking Jesus into your heart” is only changed to “ask Yeshua into your heart.” The salvation message of the Messianic movement by-and-large is no different than what is presented in contemporary Christianity, except with the names changed. This is a problem, because what you will discover is that the modern gospel message, like so many other things, is incomplete. As Messianic Believers who have a Torah foundation in our walk of faith, we have a responsibility to present a complete salvation message to others, and most importantly have the assurance ourselves that we are redeemed children of God.

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reproduced from Introduction to Things Messianic

Are you new to the Messianic movement? Do you have questions about what the Messianic movement, lifestyle, and theologies are all about? Do you need answers on a wide variety of issues with some detailed information? If these are the questions you have been asking, then Introduction to Things Messianic is a book that will definitely benefit you.

Written to the new person investigating Messianic things, Introduction to Things Messianic is a compilation of articles that will inform the inquirer on a wide array of Messianic topics relevant to the current state and growth of our movement, including:

  • Is “the Church” truly a new group of elect?
  • Is the Torah or Law of Moses really relevant for Believers today?
  • Who were the ancient Pharisees and what did they believe?
  • What are the ancient civilizations relevant to the Bible?
  • Am I required to keep the Sabbath?
  • What are the Biblical festivals?
  • Am I required to eat kosher?
  • Why do many Messianics use the proper name of God?
  • What do Messianics think about the end-times?
  • How do I properly grow in this new walk of faith?

These questions, and many more, are discussed and detailed in Introduction to Things Messianic. This book builds on the foundational material in Hebraic Roots: An Introductory Study in a much more thorough way for those wanting an in-depth view of these basic issues. Introduction to Things Messianic can be used for a single person or a group Bible study, as study questions follow each chapter. This publication can also be used as an excellent primer to other publications available from Messianic Apologetics.

250 pages