What Does “Under the Law” Really Mean?

One of the reasons why there can be problems between Christians and Messianics is because many Messianics do not know how to properly defend their faith and practice. This is most evident when Christians who oppose the widespread Messianic conviction that the Torah or Law of Moses is valid instruction for today, claim that we are “under the Law”—and that this is not a position in which born again Believers should want to find themselves. Sadly, much of the Messianic handling of this one phrase has been rather underwhelming. We must be able to better see how it is used in the New Testament, and what “under the Law” really means.

This publication addresses the clause “under the Law” (Greek hupo nomon), how it is used, and what it means in its appropriate context in view of what both the Tanach and Apostolic Scriptures tell us about the significance of God’s Torah. It examines Yeshua’s words on the matter of the Law of Moses. It considers, in detail, how a variety of Christians and Messianic teachers have handled this term, defending the view that “under the Law” means being subjected to the Torah’s condemnation upon sinners—which born again Believers have obviously been redeemed from.

112 pages

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