Book – Kashrut: Kosher for Messianic Believers

Today’s Messianic community widely believes and advocates that our Heavenly Father is  restoring the significance of kashrut or the kosher dietary laws, chiefly found in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14, to all of His people. Messianic Believers, in desiring to see themselves fully consecrated to the Lord, find a great deal of not only blessing but also critical focus, in how the Creator God desires His own to consecrate their eating unto Him. Far too many of not only our Christian comrades, but even Messianic Believers’ Jewish brethren, have not understood how the hallowing of something as seemingly mundane as what God’s people eat, have some important lessons and disciplines to convey.

This primer, Kashrut: Kosher for Messianic Believers, is an important synopsis of what the Bible’s dietary laws involve for today’s men and women of faith. Common Jewish traditions associated with kosher are recognized, and frequent Christian dismissals of clean and unclean are addressed. This resource should serve as an adequate introduction to the whole topic of eating Biblically for today’s Messianic people, as it is taken from the much larger Messianic Apologetics Messianic Kosher Helper. This condensed publication is ideal for a fair introduction to the whole topic of clean and unclean meats, and the kosher dietary laws, for many of the Jewish and non-Jewish Believers who compose today’s Messianic movement, and has been specifically prepared as a congregational handout for inquiring minds.

160 pages

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