August 2016 Editor’s Update

Dear Friends:

This past month, as a part of our ongoing OIM Technology Fund, I got a new computer. It took me around two long afternoons on a Thursday and Friday to install software and transfer files from my old station to this new station. During our morning Shabbat service following, I sat down during the worship, and got an impression that later in the weekend I needed to look into significantly upgrading the Messianic Apologetics website. While the previous website was easy to navigate, the basic design was over ten years old, and not always compatible with mobile devices. By Sunday evening, a new Messianic Apologetics website was up—and one which is not only compatible with mobile devices, but is tied into social media.

The old website is still accessible ( If I counted things up correctly, there are 170 Article listings, 244 FAQ entries, and 66 publications on the Messianic Apologetics site. Rather than re-post all of these in some massive online tsunami, I have instead been steadily posting: one article, one FAQ entry, and one publication listing every weekday. This is going to take a while. But doing this, and then linking to these resources via social media, I believe will be very helpful in getting many of you acquainted with our ministry, and exposed to the massive amount of work I have conducted over the past ten to twelve years. And even though this gives me some new and exciting busywork to do: I still post almost-daily video podcasts, a Wednesday Night Bible Study audio podcast, periodic Audio Archive teachings, and continue to make progress on the book Salvation on the Line.

One of the things about the new Messianic Apologetics website, and the employment of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube—is that this forum is something completely under my control. As such, there will be a number of topics and issues addressed, and perspectives considered, that in other forums—be those congregational or larger—such things might not be discussed. In wider arenas, where there can be various issues which can either stir deep emotions, divide people, or reveal some limitations—there is a need to be forbearing when it comes to particular subjects. Even with some deep seated reforming convictions, not always shared by everyone—I have always strived to lead from the Center, bringing people together to come to some fair resolution and consensus—we are also in the year 2016. I feel a greater freedom to now discuss in my own forum, a number of issues which people in the broad Messianic movement certainly do ask about.

Until next month…

J.K. McKee

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J.K. McKee (B.A., University of Oklahoma; M.A., Asbury Theological Seminary) is the editor of Messianic Apologetics (, a division of Outreach Israel Ministries ( He is a 2009 recipient of the Zondervan Biblical Languages Award for Greek. He is author of numerous books and commentaries, dealing with a wide range of topics that are important for today’s Messianic Believers.

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