February 2017 Editor’s Update

Dear Friends:

2017 is going to be a very busy and active year for the expansion and growth of Outreach Israel Ministries and Messianic Apologetics. We have started this year with the release of the new commentary 2 Corinthians for the Practical Messianic. Later this Spring will see the first release of Salvation on the Line: The Nature of Yeshua and His Divinity, focusing on the Gospels and Acts. This will follow later in the year with the second release in this series, focusing on the General Epistles, Pauline Epistles, and the Later New Testament. This is a resource we have had an open file on since our early days in 2002-2003, and so we are very happy to see it finally come together!

An ongoing goal that we have had since the Summer, when our ministry websites were upgraded to a WordPress format, has been to see the Messianic Apologetics website really turn into a massive online depository of information and teaching. At the end of 2016, the first stage of this was completed, as all the information from the old website had been transferred over to the new website. This Spring, the second stage of this should be completed, with the finishing up of the Audio Archive series. If you have been steadily following the audio podcasts offered since the Summer, then you should have noticed that they have re-recorded previously offered studies going back to 2006. Some of this has been to obviously improve the audio quality, but also reflect the transition that took place in 2015 from TNN Online to Messianic Apologetics, as well as our ministry relocation from Central Florida to North Texas in 2012. This month, the Audio Archive study on 1&2 Thessalonians will be completed, with studies on Hebrews and the Pastoral Epistles remaining.

2017 will most certainly be a very active year with Messianic Apologetics employing electronic tools and social media! We make avid, daily use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with regular podcasts available via YouTube, Podomatic, and iTunes. This month, we are anticipating the full release of the new Messianic Apologetics app. This app is already available for Android, and will also be available for iPhone. For those of you who do not like using Facebook or Twitter (or even e-mail), the app provides you a nice alternative to stay up to date with our ministry, as it provides push notifications for new updates.

Later in the year will begin our Social Media Encounters outreach, as we have been cataloguing a great number of the issues that Messianic people are talking about online. Expect us to be more pro-active and assertive in addressing the theological and spiritual issues, which matter to all of us in this movement.

Until next month…

J.K. McKee

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J.K. McKee (B.A., University of Oklahoma; M.A., Asbury Theological Seminary) is the editor of Messianic Apologetics (www.messianicapologetics.net), a division of Outreach Israel Ministries (www.outreachisrael.net). He is a 2009 recipient of the Zondervan Biblical Languages Award for Greek. He is author of numerous books and commentaries, dealing with a wide range of topics that are important for today’s Messianic Believers.

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