Thank You For Your Prayers and Support!

Dear Friend,

2018 has been a very interesting and pivotal year for Outreach Israel Ministries and Messianic Apologetics, both personally and professionally.

Early in January, Mark Huey’s father, William Marshall Huey, died at the age of 93. While we rejoice that he came to saving faith in his final days, this has changed many of the internal dynamics of our family, as we contemplate where we have been and where we are going. We still have aging parents and grandparents, who are not going to be with us that much longer. The thought of losing them, and seeing a chapter definitely close, looms with us every day.

Throughout this year, we have made progress with the release of a number of new publications, and have seen a much more concentrated employment of video podcasting than we have ever seen before. Three new books were released in 2018: Salvation on the Line, Volume II: The Nature of Yeshua and His Divinity—General Epistles, Pauline Epistles, & Later New Testament, Men and Women in the Body of Messiah: Answering Crucial Questions, and most importantly The Messianic Walk: The End-Time Move of God. We have experimented quite a bit with video podcasting and LiveStream options, to the point where we are certainly quite comfortable with broadcasting about the theological and spiritual issues facing our Messianic movement. While we may not offer a new podcast every single day of the week, we are doing our best to stay in regular contact with all of you!

2019 is going to be a very involved year for us with the projects that the Lord has assigned to us—most especially because this is the final year of the 2010s. My main focus will be making steady progress on Salvation on the Line, Volumes III & IV: The Messiahship of Yeshua. Many of us in today’s Messianic community do not discuss the Messiahship of Yeshua of Nazareth to the degree that we should, and we are not sufficiently prepared should we ever be challenged. For quite some time, going back to the 2000s, many of you have asked me to give Yeshua’s Messiahship a thorough treatment! I have now been released to do this and hope to give you regular progress reports. This upcoming resource is going to be a major contribution that our ministry makes to Jewish outreach and evangelism.

2019 will also see Outreach Israel Ministries and Messianic Apologetics attending a number of Messianic conference events, as we will be exhibiting at the MJAA Southwest Conference in Irvine, CA (15-17 February) and later at the Messiah Conference in Grantham, PA (30 June-07 July), among other activities. As we interact on the wider stage with people across the Messianic Jewish community, it is my personal intention to see that our monthly Outreach Israel News publication addresses issues which are present within our movement, but tend to go unnoticed. We all need to be pressing into God more and more, as we are at a precarious moment in human history as the world turns against Israel, the Jewish people, and people of faith in general.

As always, my straightforward goal in Messianic ministry is to be a means of providing consistency and stability. There are many issues that only a ministry like Outreach Israel and Messianic Apologetics can address, as we expel great time and consideration for increasingly more complicated and divisive topics of importance. We greatly appreciate and are blessed by your regular offerings and donations, as your support encourages us to continue to perform the heavy labor required in this hour, for our Messianic future!

May Lord greatly bless all of your endeavors for calendar year 2019!


J.K. McKee, editor
Messianic Apologetics