Starting This Monday: New Weekly Podcasting Schedule

During the past year, Messianic Apologetics editor J.K. McKee has expelled considerable efforts to make sure that a new audio or video podcast is produced or featured, almost every business day. Our ministry is literally sitting on thousands of pages of material, which we want to see circulate in the Messianic world of ideas, addressing and answering the critical questions which Messianic people are asking.

Starting this Monday, we will begin a new regimented podcast schedule, which we hope will better serve some of the present spiritual and theological needs that we have been asked about throughout the past year. Each day of the week a different subject will be explored, although studies will be ongoing. Those of you who are subscribed to the Outreach Israel e-mail update list will receive a notification including both a link to the audio or video teaching, often with the written material it has employed.

We encourage you to subscribe to the Messianic Apologetics audio channels on iTunes or Google Play, as well as to our YouTube channel:



Monday: the Nature of Yeshua

Tuesday: The New Testament Validates Torah MAXIMUM EDITION

Wednesday: livestream broadcast or blog or new FAQ entry

Thursday: Kosher

Friday: Sabbath or Biblical Holidays