The Three Silver Bullets for Understanding Galatians


Paul’s letter to the Galatians is undeniably one of the most difficult texts of the Bible for Messianic Believers to understand. Yet, I often do wonder why this letter often seems so difficult to understand. From a Messianic, pro-Torah perspective, Paul’s comments are actually not that difficult to comprehend when placed into their proper ancient context. Paul refutes the idea that circumcision is the entryway into a covenant relationship with God—instead faith is the entryway into a covenant relationship with Him, as it always has been since the Patriarch Abraham (Galatians 3:6-9). What is difficult to often understand about Paul is not Paul himself, but rather what can appear to be longwinded opinions surrounding him. Indeed, as I have been finishing up the Galatians for the Practical Messianic Second Edition commentary, much of the discussion of Galatians has largely pertained to these opinions, and how we are to confront, analyze, answer, and in some cases even deconstruct them as Messianic Believers. Paul is not the one that is difficult to understand—Pauline commentators often are.

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  1. I am so glad to see works such as this. I have found such ignorance about these matters all around me, and it is not only frustrating, but saddening to try to make sense of this subject so that even the most in-enlightened may begin to understand.

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