How Are We to Live as Modern Messianics?


A shift has started to take place in today’s Messianic community. Many attribute the year 1967 and the recapturing of Jerusalem by Israel as also being the year that the Messianic movement really got started. If this is truly the case, then last year we turned forty (2007), and this year (2008) we turn forty-one. As a movement that is preparing to become middle aged, it is certainly time for us to be a mature group of people who are empowered by God to perform His tasks in the Earth. Yet how we are going to actually do this as Messianic members of modern society is another story and another issue altogether.

Over the past few years, I have become consciously aware that some serious challenges and tension are in store for the Messianic movement. We are going through some growing pains, and issues are on the horizon that too many are unprepared for. The world at large is certainly not getting any less complicated, and globalization and the mass market mean that old ways of doing things may not necessarily work any more in the Twenty-First Century. Both the Jewish Synagogue and Christian Church are beginning to recognize this—which means the responsibility for Messianics is twice as high as it is for your average Jew or Christian. We need to be a people stirred to action, and guided by the Holy Spirit as we prepare to enter into a new chapter of our development.

The most obvious element that has been missing in the emerging Messianic movement is a well-reasoned and well-considered theology. This is a theology of the Scriptures that will empower us to fulfill the mission of God’s people as presented in the Torah, further explained in the Prophets and Writings, ultimately embodied in the saving work of Yeshua in the Gospels, and then declared to the world as seen in the letters of His Apostles. This theology will not only not avoid the issues that have been discussed in both the Synagogue and Church for centuries—appropriating the best that each has to offer—but will also be able to tackle the current challenges of Planet Earth today, making a difference for the Lord via the transforming power of the gospel.

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