Today’s Believers and Kosher – 02 August, 2016

In a short video podcast entitled “Should Christians Keep the Dietary Laws?” renowned apologist Michael L. Brown demonstrates a broad pessimism to the Bible’s instructions of clean and unclean, even though he is not against people considering them for reasons such as their diet or health. While the issue of the kosher dietary laws is not one where our faith in Israel’s Messiah rises and falls, there are many Messianic Believers today who affirm their continued validity and relevance for the post-resurrection era. Using Brown’s video podcast as a springboard, Messianic Apologetics editor J.K. McKee considers a number of Bible passages: (1) Genesis 9:2-4; (2) Leviticus 17:13; (3) Mark 7:19; (4) Acts 15:20. He also stresses that kosher-friendly Messianic people need to be led by the Spirit in these matters. Bible teachers need to lead in a manner which is explanatory of how they came to certain conclusions, employing both an intellectual witness of their thought processes in a matter and a testimony of the course of action in which the Lord has led them.

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