Unnecessary Avoidance – 28 July, 2016

Messianic Apologetics editor J.K. McKee reacts to a teaching he heard at Messiah 2016, “The Rise of False Messianic Congregations” by Raleigh Washington. While the teaching made the most excellent and proper point of how Messianic people are to focus on the centrality of Yeshua, when encountering various problematic teachings and phenomena–the teaching did not succeed in addressing what some of the problems actually are. In today’s world of instant communication and social media, it is insufficient for one to simply emphasize the centrality of Yeshua, as a means to combat false teachings. Rather than avoid false teachings–which will seemingly be based in some interpretations of Scripture–engaging with the issue(s) is absolutely necessary, lest the other side be given any fodder, or think that it has won.

Sidestepping the problems caused by the Two-House/Ephraimite sub-movement and the Torah only phenomenon–writing white papers that go after different people, and not offering some fair and reasonable answers–is representative of a much larger issue present in the Messianic movement. Our faith community does not handle issues pertaining to the composition of the Biblical books, the historicity and reliability of the Scriptures, and scientific issues involving Genesis 1-11 very well at all. There is more diversity on these issues among us than many leaders and teachers consciously realize. We will not be able to avoid any of these subjects, as inconvenient as some may find them to be, too much longer.

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