Approaching the Apostle Paul as a Messianic Believer – 30 May, 2016

Many people in today’s broad Messianic movement struggle in their reading of the letters of the Apostle Paul, not quite knowing what to do.

Is Paul anti-Torah, as many in Christianity have traditionally concluded? Is Paul only anti-Torah as it concerns non-Jewish Believers? Or, are there various translation issues, perspective issues, and background issues which have to be considered more in detail, when Bible readers examine the letters of Paul?

Messianic Apologetics editor J.K. McKee provides a useful framework for today’s Messianic people for their reading of the letters of Paul. Paul’s letters are to be regarded as Scripture and as authoritative–but they were not written directly to Twenty-First Century people. How do we prepare and orient ourselves for understanding each of Paul’s letters as they were intended for their original First Century audiences, so that we can properly deduce principles for today?

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