Biblical Equality and Today’s Messianic Movement


Galatians 3:28 is one of the most important verses not only in the Apostolic Scriptures, but in the entire Bible. This one verse written by the Apostle Paul speaks of a new status for human beings that has been inaugurated via the sacrificial work of Yeshua, as God’s people are to be united as “one person” (NEB), actively accomplishing His tasks in the Earth. At times, we do find Galatians 3:28 quoted among those in our Messianic faith community, but its ramifications are not often fully considered or probed for their significant spiritual power. Current and severe developments in the Messianic movement in our day—with the future steadily looming—require that we take a fresh look at this verse, what its message of equality means for us, and things that we are certainly missing as we seek to be those who are useful in the Lord’s work. This single verse asks us many difficult questions about both Biblical equality and why the Messianic community seems to have less unity and more rivalry.

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  1. God’s purpose was for Israel to be a “light to the nations,” a missionary nation that would be looking for the messiah and at the same time be keeping God’s law, the ten commandments which represents God’s character and which was supposed to attract foreign nations to themselves by their superb characters so that the whole world would eventually be saved.

    The bible tells us that not all would have the same reward in the New Jerusalem. Those who teach that the law(the ten commandments) was done away with will be least in the kingdom of glory. So the same with those Messianic ministries, SDA, Seventh Day Baptist etc. that teach that all should obey the law will receive a better reward than the others who say that it was done away with. At the same time, there are certain Messianic ministries who teach that only the Jewish members should keep the ten commandments and non-Jews should not correct their characters and they should be free to ‘do as thou wilt’ the same as Aleister Crowley taught wreaking havoc on their communities. The bible tells us that the people who lead these ministries will have a place in the kingdom but they will not be the bride and will not have the greatest reward.

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