Karaites, Karaite Judaism

What is your opinion of Karaite Judaism?

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  1. Brother McKee,
    I disagree with the statement about Karaite’s being the primary source of anti-Yeshua thought. In my personal experience I have known or met far more Messianics that denied Yeshua as Messiah the Son of Elohim because of the efforts of Rabbinical anti-missionaries than that of any Karaite effort. At least a 8:1 ratio.

  2. Dear Brother Mckee,
    I think the most important contribution of the Karaites is their view of the Rabbanite stance in regards the oral Torah. Which is a dangerous tool that leads Hebrew roots seeking Messianic believers astray from the simple guidelines put in the TaNaKh. The same with the method to compute the calendar, following only what is laid out in the bible. Greetings dear brother and thank you for your great work for the Messianic Movement.

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