1. Many , many christians have loved God, sacrificed,been used to bring the gospel to the world such as Billy Graham.
    God has truly blessed the church and it has followed with much effect for the KIngdom of God.
    THey have not kept the Sabbath..and do not..but worship on Sunday
    It seems that God is pleased with them..
    Is this church body going tostand before God to be judged as sinners..”go away I never knew you”?

    • Our website has many articles that, we would hope, properly recognize the good that evangelical Protestantism has done, and the legitimate contributions it has made. Today’s Messianic movement would not be here without the positive legacy that Protestantism has made.

      Only God knows the heart intent of any human person. Only God knows who will enter into God’s Kingdom.

      At the same time, evangelical Christianity is in its twilight years. And, the rise and acceptance of sins such as homosexuality by purporting evangelicals–is doubtlessly due to the prophesied rise of lawlessness.

      • I agree with your answer. Christianity has brought much good to the world. A better understanding of what Yeshua (Jesus) really came to do and what our faith should look like today only will come from understanding Yeshua (Jesus) as a Messianic Jew. He was born and studied under a Jewish Law and lifestyle. The law is not meant to be a burden, the teachers of Yeshuas time were scorned for turning Gods guidelines into burdens. Our ways must be Gods ways or we will fall short of the mark. Law is a poor description of the Torah. It should be called “a guide book to Godly living.” Instead of understanding the freedom the guide book gives, people are afraid OR prefer to live by “man determined laws”. We see the decay in the world, the lawlessness of man, because we do not understand this basic truth and try to create laws to govern people that will not work. Only Gods “laws” are fair and just for all. Many times Yeshua (Jesus) pointed out the importance of “following His laws, following His commandments.” He would not have put so much emphasis on His laws if they were all to be done away with.

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